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Harjuranta village is located in Eastern Finland by the lake Haukivesi. The village has been part of the town of Varkaus since 2005 after the consolidation of municipalities Kangaslampi and Varkaus. The village is 17 km long and 5 km wide, and consists of areas of Joutsenniemi, Härmäniemi, Unimäki, Mankila, Huuhtaus, Pukkikangas and Immolanmäki.  The Village House 'Kylätupa' is located 14 km from Varkaus and 12 km from Kangaslampi village.

In 1995 the village of Harjuranta was chosen as the Village of the Year in the former Mikkeli province. Villager Esko "Eko" Ropponen was chosen as the Nation's Village Fool VIII in 2005 for the pioneering and visionary work he has done for the village of Harjuranta over the years.

In 2015 Esko Ropponen received the honorary title of
Village Councellor from the Guild of Nation's Village Fools.

Harjuranta village association was established on 12 May 1997 to continue the work of the Harjuranta village committee (est. 1980) and was registered on 28 April 1998. The aim of the association is to promote the village's viability and the cooperation and initiative of the village residents. The village association maintains the local water and nature destinations, organizes the Harjuranta Day event every summer and rents out the Village House 'Kylätupa' and open air theatre - just to name a few of the activities.

The village has about 600 residents, however, from the first warm days of spring to the late autumn several summer-residents find their way to their summer cottages, thus making the village road more lively.

Many people also come to Harjuranta to hike along the nature trail, which is located along the Joenmäenvuori hill and passes near the Nature Church and lean-to of Peis. The nature trail is called the Peis fitness and nature trail because according to tradition, a man named Peis Immonen lived in the cave system located in the area during the summers in the early 1900s. There are very funny stories about him. According to one story, he only travelled by skis even in the summer. It is also said that Peis hid a treasure in the caves and it is still to be found.

Entrance to the Peis Immonen's cave

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